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Terms and Conditions of Service

A. How the Platform works (User Terms)

1. Preliminary

Deposit means the amount (as advised by us in writing) that the User pays to us to confirm the Booking.

Fixed Fee means a fixed amount payable for the Service.

2. Requesting a Service

3. Booking a Service

4. General

5. Liability and indemnity

5.1 Indemnity

5.2 General limitation of liability

6. Feedback or complaints

B. What Users pay for Services (User Terms)

1. Prices and payment

1.1 General

1.2 Deposit

3. Estimates

We may from time to time provide the User with an estimate of the Service Fee. This is provided as a guide only and is based on our then current Hourly Rate and the information that the User has provided to us about the Booking.

4. Minimum fees

We may identify a minimum fee per Service which is calculated by reference of a minimum number of hours to be charged multiplied by the then current Hourly Fee of the person(s) undertaking the Service.

2. Pricing methods

2.1 Hourly Rates

2.2 Additional Fees

2.3 Pricing factors

2.4 Fixed Fee

3. Payment

4. Security of Payment

We take all practical steps to ensure that Users information is secure on the Platform. We use a secure payment gateway to process all credit card transactions, but note that this is run by a third party and so we cannot give warranties or representations about its effectiveness. We take no responsibility for events arising from unauthorised access to the User's information, except where such unauthorised access is a result of our act or omission.

5. Goods and services tax

C. What Users can expect from the Service Provider (Services Contract)

1. General

2. Service Provider's rights and obligations

3. Qualifications and exclusions

3.1 General

3.2 Excluded goods

3.3 Excluded services

Goods and services tax

D. What Users need to do (Services Contract)

1. General

2. Ownership of goods

3. Preparation

4. Physical access

The User is responsible for providing the Service Provider with access to the Booked Service Location including reasonable parking access.

5. Behaviour

The User must not display threatening behaviour toward the Service Provider (verbal or otherwise). The User acknowledge that the Service Provider may be forced to stop performing the Service because of verbal or any other abuse from the User or their authorised representative. In this case, the User will be required to pay for the Services performed on a pro rata basis.

E. What happens if something goes wrong between Services Provider and User? (Services Contract)

1. Insurance

2. Liability and indemnity of Service Provider

2.1 Indemnity

2.1 General limitation of liability

F. Access to Platform (User Terms)

For the purposes of this Part F, "you" means the User (and "your" has a corresponding meaning).

1. Access

2. Intellectual Property

3. Acceptable Use

4. Warranties and Representations

5. Termination

6. Non Solicitation

7. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into these User Terms. The Privacy Policy contains important information about how you can access and correct information we hold about you, how you can complain about a breach by us of the Australian Privacy Principles and how your complaint will be handled.

G. General Terms (User Terms and Services Contract)

1. General

2. Definitions and Interpretation

Additional Fees means any additional fees payable in connection with the Service in accordance with the User Terms (or as advised by the Platform Operator to the User from time to time prior to entry into the User Terms).

Booked Service Location means the address(es) where the Services are to be carried out.

Booking means the booking for the Services the User has made via the Platform.

Business Day means a day on which banks are open for business in the capital city of the State or Territory where the Service is being provided excluding a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in that city.

Consequential Loss means loss or damage that is not direct or does not flow naturally from the relevant act or omission in breach of this agreement and includes, without limitation, loss of profits and loss of opportunity.

Fees means the sum of the Service Fee and Additional Fees (if any).

Personnel means any person working on behalf of the Service Provider including its employees and contractors.

Platform means the Platform Operator's booking platform operated by telephone, website and associated applications.

Platform Content has the meaning set out in clause 2(a) of part F of this document.

Platform Operator means LEOKAST TECH PTY LTD, ABN 73 647 991 222

Scheduled Time means the time and date that the Service Provider is to arrive to undertake the Services (which may include a window of time).

Service means the services to be provided to User by the Service Provider in accordance with these User Terms and the Services Contract.

Services Contract means the terms that form a contract between the Service Provider and the User to govern the performance of the Services.

Service Fee means the fee for the Service excluding any Additional Fees charged and invoiced by the Platform Operator.

Service Provider means the person or entity from our database as notified by us from time to time allocated to perform the Service and includes the employees and contractors performing Services on behalf of the Service Provider (as the context requires).

Users means the person who requests a Service via the Platform and includes the company if the Service are requested on behalf a company.

User Terms means the terms that form a contract between the Platform Operator and the User to govern access and use of the Platform.